Zenithstar 61 manual

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If we can be of further assistance, please don't hesitate to call us at or send an emailand we will be happy to help you. Thank you! William Optics has developed the ZenithStar 61 with the patented Bahtinov mask cover to be the most versatile and portable instrument they've ever produced.

Combined with any DSLR camera, the ZenithStar 61 offers superb, sharp images for astrophotography or wildlife photography. It can used in high power for visual applications as well as with a large image circle for photographing the Moon when used with a dedicated Flattener 61 sold separately. The ZenithStar 61 is a great telescope you'll be able to enjoy for many years! With the purchase of this telescope, you also get a soft carry case that is perfect for times of transportation and storage!

You can be rest assured that this case will protect your optics. ED and SD glass dispersion properties are critical to ascertain the general color correction. The abbe index is the number used to quantify the "partial dispersion" of a specific glass. FPL glass features a partial dispersion that is so close to pure fluorite, which has the highest partial dispersion of any material at around 95 V, that it has been referred to as synthetic fluorite. FPL53 is top notch glass material that allows William Optics designers to achieve the best color correction.

It is also the most expensive glass on the current market. When you purchase a telescope from William Optics, you can be assured that your instrument was tested on their Interferometer.

Furthermore, each telescope is individually star tested by William Optics professionals to guarantee the ultimate in optical quality. Customers should communicate directly with the manufacturer regarding details of their warranty, as warranties have a tendency to change without notice. Lets Keep In Touch! Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Tech support Free Lifetime Tech Support.

CXA61/81 - Manual

Non-Commissioned Product Advisors. Fast Shipping, Same or Next Day: You made the commitment to purchase, now you want that new item fast, we get it! At High Point all in stock orders ship within 24 hours, pending internal credit card approval.I am often asked which telescope is best suited for the iOptron SkyGuider Pro camera mount. The SkyGuider is an entry-level astrophotography mount, which means that a lot of beginners start out with this piece of equipment.

Although this compact single-axis EQ mount is small and lightweight 3. The pound payload capacity is often the biggest factor considered when choosing a telescope for the SkyGuider Pro. This is a high performance imaging APO that uses high-end optical materials FPL in its objective lens to produce high contrast images with excellent color correction. The wide field of view mmcompact size, and optical performance of this little doublet make it the perfect companion to the SkyGuider Pro.

The SkyGuider is an incredible portable little astrophotography mount. Its compact size makes it a fantastic choice when traveling to darker skies. The SkyGuider Pro includes an internal, rechargeable 3. To charge this star tracker, you simply plug in the mini USB charging cable that you find with modern smartphones and electronic devices.

zenithstar 61 manual

Once fully charged, this tracker will last for a full night of astrophotography in the field. The included ST-4 compatible guiding port is an attractive bonus of this mount, and a big differentiating factor between its younger sibling, the Sky Tracker Pro. This feature presents an opportunity for improved tracking, but also adds a layer of complexity, additional weight, and loss of portability. Without the use of an autoguiding system, you are completely free to roam around with this setup wherever the dark skies take you.

The SkyGuider was designed for portability and freedom, and I believe you will enjoy it most when keeping the payload and camera gear to a minimum. To retain the ultra-portable functionality of the SkyGuider Pro for deep sky astrophotography, it is wise to use a portable and lightweight telescope that falls well below the listed payload capacity of the SkyGuider Pro.

Weighing in at only 3. Although I have only personally used the SkyGuider Pro with the Z61 telescope and a number of camera lenses, I have researched a number of popular scenarios to help you make an informed decision.

The listed payload capacity of the iOptron SkyGuider Pro is 11 lbs 5 kg. Compare the overall weight of these popular telescope options with a DSLR camera attached:.

All of the telescopes in the chart above fall under the listed payload capacity of the mount, but will require accurate balance for the best results.

zenithstar 61 manual

The extra reach focal length provided by a slightly larger refractor such as the Zenithstar 73 is tempting, but this option will demand that your imaging payload is precisely balanced. In the past I have used this combo to photograph deep-sky objects such as the Andromeda Galaxy, and the Heart Nebula.

William Optics Zenithstar 61 Review

The adorable Z61 only weighs 3. When calculating the payload capacity of your load, you need to remember to factor in the weight of your camera gear. So, a small refractor that weighs about 5 lbs or less falls well below the pound limit of SkyGuider Pro when the counterweight is used. A field flattener such as the Flat61 for the Zenithstar 61 is recommended when imaging with your refractor.

Luckily, this component adds very little extra weight. An autoguiding system, however, may put you over the limit. The Z61 is a high-quality doublet apochromatic refractor. A clip-in filter such as the Optolong L Pro is a smart choice for those looking to capture natural looking star colors while reducing the efforts of artificial lighting.

With a sound polar alignment, your images will be nice sharp using the Z61 for a 2-minute exposure. At this focal length, it is not essential to use autoguiding as long as your polar alignment and balance are precise. The focal length of the Zenithstar 61 is mm, which creates a useful field of view for many deep sky astrophotography objects. Also, this magnification is very forgiving in terms of tracking accuracy. Polar alignment and balance are the keys to a successful shot. When the mount does not need to work very hard to match the apparent rotation of the sky, your images will be razor sharp.

Use a remote shutter release cable or delay timer on your DSLR to avoid any camera shake caused by pressing the camera shutter.Zenithstar 61 is a greatly versatile and portable refractor telescope for beginners and veterans alike.

Designed for both astrophotography and wildlife photography, high power visual observing through the Zenithstar 61 Mark II is also hugely satisfying. The image is crisp, sharp and colour aberration free thanks to the use of top quality glass — FPL53, closely matching the legendary fluorite material. The 43mm image circle when Flat61 is used covers full frame size sensor nicely.

Specification for Apochromatic Lenses. All WO refractors objective are double tested and inspected before shipping to our customer, these telescopes are free of coma and astigmatism. My Account Login. View Cart 0. Toggle navigation. Availability: In Stock. Choose Options. Camera Adapter.

zenithstar 61 manual

Flattener and Reducer. Put me on the Waiting List.

Zenithstar 61II APO RED

Send to:. Description Specifications Zenithstar 61 is a greatly versatile and portable refractor telescope for beginners and veterans alike. Zenithstar 61 Manual Download 9 Pages 2. Related Items. Quick View. Flat61 for Z61 Power x Adjustable. Add To Cart. Focal Ratio. Focal Length. Objective Type. Image Circle. Limiting Magnitude. Lens Shade.The Z61 is the most portable telescope ever made by William Opticsa company with a reputation for building beautiful astrophotography refractors.

You can order the William Optics Z61 in 3 colors to better match your imaging setup. The small size of this telescope keeps it affordable, while also providing wide-field views of the night sky.

This APO is currently on loan from the manufacturer, but after a few imaging sessions — I think this may have to become a permanent member of my astrophotography equipment.

Aside from being a great portable option, The Z61 would make also great primary imaging refractor for anyone just starting out. The Z61 was mounted to an iOptron SkyGuider Pro Mount, and the camera was controlled using a remote shutter release cable. Choosing your first telescope to use for DSLR astrophotography can be a difficult process. A larger telescope may capture more light, but it will also be harder to manage, and much more demanding on your autoguiding and Polar alignment.

The Z61 is so compact and lightweight, I often set it up in the backyard for a spur of the moment imaging session using the iOptron SkyGuider Pro. The photo above was taken from my light-polluted backyard of the Heart Nebula. Please watch my video review of this capable little astrophotography telescope. This will give you a closer look at the features and attention to detail that make the William Optics Z61 so special.

The Z61 was built to last. Early owners of the Zenithstar have praised William Optics for the attention to detail and finish of this scope. The Z61 includes inspection badges throughout, to remind you that this instrument has been tested before arriving in your hands. The quality of this instrument is also experienced when taking a closer look at the paint and coatings covering the OTA. The color-matched dovetail plate included with my order has a beautiful gold finish.

You can tell the team at William Optics takes great pride in their products. The impressive optical quality of this apochromatic telescope is due to the FPL glass used. FPL is as close as you can get to pure fluorite, which means that your astrophotography images will display excellent color correction, with colorful, sharp stars.

This glass is used in the objective lens and is known as Synthetic Flourite. Once you get accustomed to astrophotography images of this quality, it is hard to switch from an ED refractor to other telescope designs.

Looking for more examples of imaging refractors? Please review my top 5 astrophotography telescopes for beginners. This telescope excels at wide-field, deep sky astrophotography with a DSLR.Quick Links. See also: Technical ManualUser Manual. Table of Contents. Do not place the product in any area where it may become wet. The ATX Power Supply allows using soft power on momentary switch that connect from the front panel switch to 2-pins Power On jumper pole on the motherboard.

See the figure below. Connect the Power LED header from the system case to this pin. Pin Definition Pin NO. The BIOS options in this manual are for reference only. Users are welcome to download the latest BIOS version form our official website. Selectable De-emphasis The optional settings are: [ Clock Power Management The optional settings are: [Disabled]; Page 27 The optional settings are: [Disabled]; [Enhanced]; [Compatible]. This has no effect if external graphics present.

Page 28 The optional settings are: [Disabled]; [Enabled]. USB Transfer time-out Use this item to set the time-out value for control, bulk, and interrupt transfers. Device reset time-out Use this item to set USB mass storage device start unit command time-out.

Device power-up delay Use this item to set maximum time the device will take before it properly reports itself to the host controller. Page 29 Press [Enter] to view hardware health status. Change Settings Use this item to select an optimal setting for super IO device.

FAN will idle speed when below this temperature. Bootup Numlock State Use this item to select keyboard numlock state. The optional settings are: [On]; [Off]. Quiet Boot The optional settings are: [Enabled]; Page Security Menu Security Menu Security menu allow users to change administrator password and user password settings.

Page 35 Save Changes and Reset This item allows user to reset the system after saving the changes. Discard changes and Reset This item allows user to reset the system without saving any changes. Save as User Defaults Use this item to save the changes done so far as user defaults. This manual is also suitable for: Gnmff.

Print page 1 Print document 35 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk.Offer Of The Week. Software Downloads. Astronomical Events. William Optics [ Taiwan ]. The William Optics Zenithstar 61 is the most versatile and portable scope ever made by William Optics. Choose from blue, gold or red accents. This compact refract can not only can be used in high power visually but also with a large image circle for lunar and solar photography, thanks to dedicated Flattener 61, it is a great instrument you can own and enjoy for a decade!

FPL is as close as you can get to pure fluorite, which means that your astrophotography images will display excellent color correction, with colorful, sharp stars.

Once you get accustomed to astrophotography images of this quality, it is hard to switch from an ED refractor to other telescope designs. This telescope excels at wide-field, deep sky astrophotography with a DSLR. The buttery smooth dual speed locking focuser means that your images will be razor-sharp. If you have ever struggled to find focus using a loose rack and pinions-style focuser, you will certainly appreciate the precision speed micro focuser on the Z Because the Z61 is so compact and solid, balancing the scope is extremely easy to accomplish.

The DSLR and telescope are a rock solid united as one — very similar to a high-end telephoto camera lens. Image exposures of minutes at ISO are likely all you will need to capture deep details of your target. If you have ever struggled with framing up a large target such as the North America Nebula or Andromeda Galaxy, the Z61 is a breath of fresh air. The ultra-wide mm focal length means collecting photons on HUGE areas of the night sky in a single frame.

A high-quality refractor at this size is the perfect travel scope. A collapsible carbon fiber tripod, the iOptron SkyGuider Pro, and the Z61 is probably the most portable deep sky astrophotography setup you can have. If you are new to deep sky astrophotography but have dabbled in tracked night sky shots including the Milky Way — this is likely the best possible next step for you. This includes everything from a color-matched dovetail plate to the photo adapter for your DSLR camera.

Equatorial Mounts. Binocular Solar Filters. Binocular Repair Services. Camera Adaptors. Filters Solar Filters.Quick Links.

Table of Contents.

Intel H61 User Manual

William optics zenithstar 66 sd apo: user guide 10 pages. William optics zenithstar zenithstar user guide 9 pages. William optics zenithstar zenithstar 80ii: user guide 11 pages. William optics zenithstar zenithstar user guide 10 pages. Retractable Lens Shade Page 6: Usage 61 User Manual enithstar Usage he Zenithstar 61 is designed for both daytime and nighttime viewing, as an outstand- ing travel scope. Since the Zenithstar 61 is well suited to viewing nebulae, clusters, large galaxies, and comets, we recommend the use of high-quality wide-angle eyepieces.

Page 7: Storage And Cleaning 61 User Manual enithstar 3mm Screw Locking Screw Ratio Knob 2mm Screw All WO telescopes are now fitted with a smooth and precise dual speed focusing system, it means that for every ten full rotations of the small fine-focus knob the large knob rotates once. The focuser drawtube tension can be adjusted using a 3 mm Allen key and tension should be adjusted only when necessary by p rogressively tightening the screw until you reach the desired tension.

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