Kubota front drive shaft removal

Click to Post a New Message! Post: I realized I didn't have 4WD. I got under the machine to find the front drive shaft came apart at the center link u-joint. Looks like there was a shear pin in there and it came apart. Sort of odd they would have a shear pin on a splined shaft??? Long and short is I can't figure how the pin broke and it came apart.

Did this happen to anyone else ever out there?

Kubota front axle top seal replacement

Seems like it's ok. I have every size but the one I need- murphy's law He has since upgraded this past spring to a BX23 for the hoe from the This fellow definitely gets all he can from a tractor as far as use as he takes care of 8 acres with it. Property has woods of about 3 acres and a stream thru a gourge that has a lawn and top side for a house.

No unusual noise or anything just stopped working and I looked under it and saw the shaft hangine there. It took all of 5 minutes to fix. But I need to get a new pin.

Not sue why there would be a shear pin on a splined shaft? I'm tempted to replace it with a bolt of a soft grade. Talking with the parts people we have one fellow who has broken it several times. He has admitted that he often doesn't put the tractor into four wheel drive until he is in trouble or stuck and this is where it has happened.

I don't know what the wisdom of kubota is with these parts but it does seem strange that a splined shaft would have an actual shear pin for protection. Warranty shear pins are cheap, not much else is. The only force would be front to back force where the shaft is shoved har into the knuckle.

kubota front drive shaft removal

You would think something simple like having a deeper female side on the knuckle and a longer splined shaft to slide freely would solve the problem. This is my only complaint with hours on this machine pretty much other than minor electrical connections that got dirty.

I'd much rather replace a pin than a shaft any day. I was working it too hard I must admit and it was in 4x4 the whole time. In that case, twisting force has no effect on the pin? If that were the case, I would re-engineer that shaft to never fail in that manner. The only way it would break from twisting would be if the splines stripped.

How to Remove the Front Drive Shaft on a 4WD Chevy

It has to be there for a reason but I just don't know what reason. I was pounding on some huge rocks. It may be there for when you put too much force on the front axle, rather than shove the shaft into your transaxle it breaks the pin? Just good luck finding the right size pin.

It must be metric.Post a Comment. Monday, December 17, L kubota oil pan replacement. Recently I was pushing back some compost and noticed that the 4 wd was not working. After getting off the tractor to talk to the guys chipping I noticed the tractor was leaking engine oil at a good rate.

Being near the shop I put it in the bay for inspection. After closer inspection I found the front axle tube bearing missing and the bolt holes stripped out. They must have worked their way loose. The tractor was sent out last year for a complete front axle overhaul. I should have rechecked the torque on the bolts to make sure they where in spec.

The front axle was tilting back and forth causing the pin to shear on the 4 wd sleeve which in turned beat cracks into the oil pan. The rear 4 bolt ones seemed to be ok. I used the loader bucket to raise the front of tractor and blocked it up with plating and jack stands. To get the oil pan off you will have to drop the axle tube. I didn't worry about disconnecting the steering linkage.

Then remove the front wheels. Makes it easier to maneuver without the added weight. Remove all the oil pan bolts. Scrape any gasket material off after. I took a visual look at the bottom endeverything looked nice and clean. The gasket has to go on a certain wayThere are a couple of oil return areas in the blockso the extra 2 hole have to line up here. I used some sealant on one side to hold the gasket in place. As a rule of thumb you start with the center bolts and alternate working your way out to the ends.

I torque mine at 25 lbs. Then reassemble in reverse order torque everything down to spec's. I would suggest lock tight on axle tube bearing bolts. If your tractor has the 4 wd then remove the pins in the sleeves and slide them on the splined shaft then slide it into the protective tube. Slide the sleeves onto shafts look through the pin holes to see if your in between the shafts then install a new roll pin on both ends.Forum Rules.

Home Forums Reviews Articles Store. Homepage Today's Posts Search Register. Forgot your Password? Sign Up. Remember Me? Results 1 to 3 of 3. But putting them back is a good puzzle. I'm really not in a mood to install U-Joints up inside the belly of the tractor. I'd rather do it the easy way?? Remove the joint case at the rear of the front differential?

Kubota B2400 front wheel drive shaft removal

Can't find the procedure in the books I have. Thanks, Ron. Reply With Quote. On the B HST you do need to take the U-joint case off the front differential that the drive shaft goes into. Take out the front shear pin and remove the U-joint assembly Then put together the entire drive shaft, U-joint and all. Put in the front shear pin in just enough to hold it until you get the whole thing together. Install the drive shaft with the rear U-joint pin'd and attached.

Insert the shear pin and the 3 bolts on the case along with the shaft cover clamp. Then install the rear shear pin at the transmission end. Also it's best if you take the front wheel drive out of gear so you can turn the shaft to line it up with the front differential shaft shear pin hole.

Actually it was good that I did take it all apart, as the shear pin in the front was cracked and fell out after I gave it a slight tap. So that was replaced as well. Have fun. Last edited by pacaron; at PM. Reason: Not clear instructions. Livin in a. Worn out skin bag filled with rattlin bones. Replies: 8 Last Post:AM. Need Help On Replies: 4 Last Post:PM. Replies: 10 Last Post:PM.Can anyone explain how to remove the front driveshaft on a L DT that has a loader?

This manual is for multiple year and model tractors and does not go into much detail. Can any recommend a specific manual for this L DT tractor. Thank you, Fred.

kubota front drive shaft removal

VIP Service Tech. Sent you a pm with a link to the workshop manual. Many have a subframe that's in the way for removing the front driveshaft. In some cases its possible to slide the outer tube together, drive out the spring pins and slide the couplings further onto the shaft so it can be gotten out. But in other cases the loader frame is too close.

Kubota drive shaft removal

If you are splitting the tractor the front driveshaft will slide out as the halves roll apart. If not, drain the trans oil, take off the bottom gearbox and the driveshaft will go out toward the back.

It takes some fiddling but less than taking off the loader. Good luck, Dick B. Last edited by rbargeron; at AM. Explained very well rbargeron! Originally Posted by rbargeron. Hello North Idaho Wolfman, Can you tell me if there is any difference in the amount of detail and information listed in the WSM purchased from a Kubota dealer or Messicks and the other similar companies and the WSM listed online for the L through L tractors?

Thanks, Fred. Did Daren give you a link to the one on my site? If so then yes it's the same. Is there a specific detail you need?

North Idaho Wolfman, I have little experience working on tractors and no experience with working on a tractor drive train. Compared to auto repair manuals there seems to be little information in the WSM. If I have a specific question, I'll post it. Thanks for your help. Thread Tools. All times are GMT The time now is AM. Contact Us - OrangeTractorTalks. User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read. Have a service related question?Log in or Sign up.

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Sep 4, 1.

Problems with Kubota Front mount Snowblower

Morning gang I'm trying to remove the oil pan on a Kubota L and need to know how to remove the 4wd shaft. Rodney ThomasSep 4, Sep 4, 2. Sent from my iPhone using Tractor Forum This picture is for the following message. Last edited: Sep 4, Sep 4, 3. There is a bolt holding the tube covering the shaft remove it.

At the back of the tube there is a roll pin holding the shaft cover to the drop box. The picture above shows it. After removing the roll pin take a pare of channel locks and rotate the cover near the rear of it. And as you are rotating it pull it forward until it releases.

The tab on the spot you removed the bolt tap with hammer till it comes loose from the front assembly. Slide the two halves together.

You will see two collars they have roll pins in them. Make sure 4 wheel drive in out of gear. Take a jack and jack one side of front axle until the tire leaves the ground. Grab the wheel and rotate it to get access to roll pins to drive them out.

Do not just drive them from the bottom to the top of shaft. Drive them to the side. After pins are out slide the collars towards the each other as there is longer splines. But on some tractors you also have to remove the axle assembly to get the oil pan out. Hope this helps Sent from my iPhone using Tractor Forum.Kubota B front wheel drive shaft removal. Rear View Backup Camera. Engines Misc. How much is your farm tractor worth? Find resale prices for tractors built from through today, with complete specifications and serial numbers.

Fred Mulreany. Could someone advise me of what is involved in removing the front wheel drive shaft, I know there are a couple of roll pins in each yoke holding the yokes to the shafts. Thanks for any info forth coming. Fred Firs you have figured out the deck needs to be removed.

kubota front drive shaft removal

Try to get the unit up on blocks ore support very good. Then you will have to lay on your back and need a punch that is made for this trick.

Need one about 12 inches long and a very special end. On the end you are driving out with can not be pointed. Has to be flat. Pointed will swell the roll pin. Once it moves a little it will come right on out. They have to line up when you go back. Not a job for the faint of heart. G'day jm. I removed the deck yesterday so I could find the engine sump plug to do an oil and filter change.

You are right about not being faint hearted, I am pushing 80 and yesterday I was having trouble laying on my back under the unit so not sure of how I will go with this job. Thank you for your advice.

Yes,at 73 years of age I have to wear glasses and laying under there and getting where I can see are my worst problems. I am not certain what you are going to be into. Let me know how you come out on parts. OK,I have cheated, I have cut a small window above both clutch drive shaft and the front wheel drive shaft where these attach to the transmission, I will make a cover plate that can be bolted over the window. Tuesday sometime I will get onto our Kubota agents here in North Queensland and order a new yoke assembly.

It will be interesting to see exactly how they will treat you on the parts. I am thinking you will be sold 6c which gets you the joint with both yokes.Page of Go. Quick Links. Chapters Table Of Contents 5 1. Product Identification 21 1. Engine Body 78 4. Fuel System 83 Table Of Contents 1. Troubleshooting 1. General Outline 6. Parking Brake [2] Front Suspension 1. Structure 4. Steering Cylinder 1. Structure 5. Hydraulic Cylinder Table Of Contents 1. Troubleshooting Table of Contents.

It contains 4 parts: "Information", "General", "Mechanism" and "Servicing". I-1 2. I-4 3. I 4. I 5. I KiSC issued 05, A Read these instructions carefully. Do not use alternative tools or parts.

Do not operate the engine in a closed area. The exhaust gas contains poisonous carbon monoxide.

kubota front drive shaft removal

If a decal becomes damaged, illegible or is not on the machine, replace it. The decal part number is listed in the parts list. Keep danger, warning and caution labels clean and free from obstructing material. Clean danger, warning and caution labels with soap and water, dry with a soft cloth.

Engine Horsepower G-1 2. G-2 3. G-5 [3] FUSE


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