Husqvarna auto tune reset

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Dec 16, SE michigan. Is the money well spent? If so what does the auto-tune do that you would normally need to do on your own what is the benefit? I would like to hear from someone who is running the saws and not advertising BS. Jun 5, Cincinnati OH. There's more of a difference than just auto-tune, they are different saws. The is a "just under pro" level saw, while the is more of a homeowners saw. As far as how reliable the auto tune will be in the long run, it's hard to say. Mine's been great, but it's only been used occasionally for a year and a half now.

I haven't seen major complaints from heavy user tree service guys, but who knows what'll be like in years. I will say it was nice to to a muffler mod, and not have to re-tune the saw afterwards. I'm no expert in tuning a carb, and I'm very much in the learning phase trying to get my Makita "just right". So I see that as a huge benefit for people like me. If you grew up around 2 stroke carbs, or had someone knowledgeable show you the ropes, or don't mind paying for a dealer to set it, the typical carb works fine, and there's not much to go wrong that can't be cheaply and easily replaced.

Reactions: CenterTree. Jon Minister of Fire. Aug 25, 2, Pittsburgh, PA www.Pigroast uncertainty What are your thoughts? Started by ga jones on Chainsaws.

Started by Deerlope on Chainsaws. Started by rick f on Chainsaws. Started by Goosemanx on Chainsaws. Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Send this topic Print. Fly Fisher member Posts: I bought a XPAT recently, haven't had it running yet but called the Dealer and asked about breaking in this saw. They said after running 10 tanks of fuel through it, it will lean out and the RPM's will sound higher than normal.

I will need to take it into a Husqvarna Servce Tech to have it re- tached? I found the adjustment screw and the Dealer told me it took a special screw driver to reset it.

I have had a XP since they first came out and have adjusted the carb on it about 4 times before learning to clean the airfilter first probably didn't have to adjust at all.

My question are these Auto-Tunes going to be a Mechanics money maker or is this tach resetting going to be a once a year maintenance thing. I was also told that unless you are certified to work on these types of saws you can be fined also?

The EPA can't fine them for telling you what screwdriver to use. They might be able to fine them for selling the screwdriver to an uncertified person?? If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.

Show me a pic of the screw head that makes the adjustment. Plenty of redneck ways around it or the a epa screwdriver like it may already be out. Pacman, double D, D, splines etc. Skiddah Full Member Posts: I think this is a mechanic's money maker. This seems to me like it's inline with stuff that auto makers pull, sealed engines, special tools, etc. I was talking with the guy at my saw shop a few weeks back and he was not interested at all in what Husqvarna was doing with these saws.

He sells mostly Jonsereds now, and he was worried that perhaps this trend might cross into the Jonsered market. That would be tragic in my opinion. I'm also on board with your "load of governmental crap. Also I'd be interested to see what input the EPA had when coming up with these regulations.

Dealers use these regulations as excuses to deny customers the ability to work on their own saws.A query, in print Husky say to run at "," or full throttle. It also mentions " The chain saw must be run at 8, - 12, rpm the entire so the carburettor can adjust itself.


I notice with the Stihls, one just has to let it run in start mode without a throttle input for 30 seconds. This can be done any time you need to recalobrate the auto tune. Try not to let the saw run dry as the auto tune can calibrate being run lean in to its settings thos can make them a pig to restart after fueling and run a bit off untill its re calibrated itself, dont leave the saw ticking over for an amount of time either and also do not be tempted to run the saw dull or blunt this also seems to effect running.

Hence why I do not let others use my sawthey are a one person saw IMO. All very helpful stuff, gonna give it a go when the break has been fixed, went ping for no apparent reason yesterday, is that a common thing? Ha ha yesit's worth keeping a spare!! I have only done one though I think from memory its doing the end nearest the front of the saw first.

Good that will save you some frustration!! I only had the starter pull break under warenty the band lasted over a year.

I could not work out if it was minutes or cuts minimum? Any weay I just cut full width of the bar in a big chuck of ash and all is well. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. Paste as plain text instead.

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Husqvarna 550XP idle problem

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husqvarna auto tune reset

Search In. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted July 2, Does that 3 to 5 minutes or does it mean 3 to 5 cuts. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.It's a warm, dry, remote location high in the mountains. Big trees are felled here at a rapid rate on the steep slopes. It's a tough environment that makes great demands on both the loggers and their chainsaws. Jaime Wagenfuhr and his son Graham are enjoying every minute.

Using Husqvarna chainsaws with the AutoTune self-adjusting carburetor allows them to work unhindered and efficiently — at all altitudes and all temperatures. Jaime Wagenfuhr sits at the controls of a loader. He lifts and places big tree trunks in piles, waiting for the timber trucks to take them down the winding, dusty mountain roads.

Jaime started working in the forest by pure coincidence. Having lived and worked in Los Angeles for a while, he decided to move home. He needed a job and got in touch with a friend who needed someone who knows how to use a chainsaw. It's a tough job, but it's fun and rewarding.

His son Graham agrees. He's been in the forest since childhood and has gradually learned the trade. He's now one of the people who fell and trim all the trees before they're pulled up the slopes using heavy cables attached to a forestry machine. The climate is another tough challenge. The temperatures often go above 50 degrees in the summer. And there are the differences in altitude. One week, Jaime, Graham and the others might be working down in the valley. The next week, they'll be logging at much higher altitudes.

Autotune is a feature that always ensures optimum engine performance by automatically adjusting the carburetor based on current conditions. It fine tunes the engine according to high or low altitudes and temperatures. It also ensures that the engine runs perfectly if switching between different types of fuels e. But we don't need to do that any more.

The saw adjusts itself and works well at all altitudes", says Jaime. It's also much sharper than a lot of other saws of this size", says Graham. The Wagenfuhrs use only Husqvarna saws.Discussion in ' Technical Area ' started by SimondoMay 7, Log in or Sign up.

Outdoor Power Equipment Forum. Most of us will not have the Dealer software or access to it, so help with mostly working without it is why I thought this thread could be helpful. Last edited: May 8, SimondoMay 7, Il start the ball rolling If you remove the carb for maintenance cleaning etc. PissRev and Moparmyway like this. MastermindMay 7, M-tronic control units have to be recalibrated if the connection between the solenoid valve and the control unit is dismanteld, also with component change like the solenoid valve itself, the carburetor or the control unit.

DNDMay 7, Moparmywaypanteliss and Simondo like this. Yes, that would need a recalibration. I talk about m-tronic. It can be done with the software or without the software. Simply set the master control lever to the cold start position and start the saw.

Let it idle for at least 60 sec in that position and after that time move to master control lever without blipping the throttle trigger to stop. Calibration is finished. Moparmyway likes this. PDF File size: Brian BradyRedbullMoparmyway and 2 others like this.

Brian BradyMoparmyway and Simondo like this. RedfinMay 8, RI ChevyMoparmyway and Coltont like this. One experience I have is with a fs c-m clearing saw. This machine was used a long time and the air filter got more and more clogged with grass dust humidity and so on.

That was after around hours on the operating hour counter. I recalibrated it with the clean new airfilter and after that it reached the cutoff speed again and it used less fuel, because it was running leaner now. That was also visible on the fuel settings from the control unit I cut mow around 10 min longer per tank now.

Husky Autotune Reset

DNDMay 8, Is the EL 48 carb the one used most recently on the Husq SawTroll Tor R amongst others. Last edited: Oct 27, SimondoOct 27, RI Chevy likes this. You can unplugg AT carbs and do maintance on them and plug them in again, no program is needed to do that sort work. I got one who had AT issue, I didnt have the AT program or access to it, my closest dealer is a tad greedy so it wasnt option to go to him.

Test and failure was what I did, tossed one carb on it and everything worked, since I succeeded I tossed the coil on it also and it worked flawless.If you are inquiring about an issue with your Husqvarna product, please have your model number, serial number and purchase date ready when speaking to a customer service representative.

Husqvarna - Auto Tune

Exceptionally easily operated forestry clearing saw with high performance and unique ergonomical solutions designed for full time spacing tasks. Optimised transmission with the bevel gear angled 24 degrees simplifies directional felling in dense forests. Very low vibrations thanks to an effective anti-vibration of the engine, drive shaft and cutting equipment. Delivered with Balance XT harness. More documents can be found under Manuals and Downloads.

You can also read our FAQ or contact a dealer. Want to take a closer look? Learn more about the product in depth by exploring its design and features. Thumb-operated throttle for efficiency and precision control. Reduces strain on the hand muscles. Do you need further details to make the right decision?

Learn more in the specifications section below.

husqvarna auto tune reset

Locate your dealer. Excellent results and less effort with a Husqvarna Lawn Mower, regardless of the gardens complexity and size. With a high efficiency cutting deck and turn-on-a-dime maneuverability, the Husqvarna Zero-Turn mower makes short work of tall grass. What are you looking for?

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husqvarna auto tune reset

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husqvarna auto tune reset

Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. An Autotune Husqvarna Model challenge. Thread starter Karla Start date Feb 28, Tags scored cylinder.

What caused a severly scored cylinder and piston on exhaust side of a Model XP autotune? Improper fuel mixture Votes: 19 Stuck open de-compression valve Votes: 12 Autotune carburetor fault Votes: 6 Dirty Air Filter Votes: 5 Total voters Prev 1 2 3 Next.


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