Current affairs in bolivia

Leaders around the world have passed emergency decrees and legislation expanding their reach during the pandemic. Will they ever relinquish them? An international audit said officials had engaged in lies and manipulation to assure victory for Evo Morales. Academics at M. Morales, the former president of Bolivia, is now living in Argentina and facing an arrest warrant in his homeland. His bid for the Senate could further roil a bitterly divided nation.

State Department analysts found that Russian-linked Twitter accounts sought to sow confusion in South American nations that oppose the Moscow-backed government in Venezuela. The caretaker president accused the Mexican ambassador and two Spanish diplomats of breaking norms by aiding former officials linked to Evo Morales, the ousted president. By Anatoly Kurmanaev and Raphael Minder. Charges of voting fraud that led to protests and the exile of President Evo Morales have been confirmed in a final report by the Organization of American States.

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current affairs in bolivia

Clear this text input. By Selam Gebrekidan. Read in English. By Julie Turkewitz. By Sylvia Colombo. By Lara Jakes. By Anatoly Kurmanaev. Show More.Legacy of former president under assault, drawing ire of his indigenous supporters. This air-breathing aquatic monster has become far too comfortable in Bolivian waters.

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what are the current affairs of bolivia?

Jeremy Corbyn. US Politics. Help The Hungry. Shappi Khorsandi. Mary Dejevsky. Robert Fisk. Mark Steel. Janet Street-Porter. John Rentoul. Matthew Norman. Sean O'Grady. Tom Peck. Andrew Grice. Rugby union. Cheltenham Festival. Miguel Delaney. US sports. Streaming Hub. Geoffrey Macnab. Clarisse Loughrey. Ed Cumming. Royal Family. Tech news. Tech culture.Anez, a year-old conservative who took office amid a power vacuum following Morales' resignation under pressure last year, said she was calling this week for a summit of political parties to help defeat Morales' Movement to Socialism MAS.

She said, however, that she currently has no plans to run herself.

Bolivia Crisis: Former president Evo Morales granted asylum by Mexico

Morales himself is in Argentina and has said he will not take part in May's election, but he is playing a key role in the campaign of the party he founded.

The scrabble to unite the opposition underscores the challenge for Bolivia's conservatives in an election that could be key in deciding the future direction of the gas and lithium rich nation.

current affairs in bolivia

Anez, president almost by chance after she took over according to a line of succession when Morales and his deputy resigned, is at the heart of a political storm that has rocked Bolivia, where the image of Morales was ubiquitous from public transport to sports stadia for more than a decade. Morales stepped down on Nov. Since poverty dropped so much under Evo, and health care and literacy improved so much, what does she bring except US puppetry, racism, and a free for all for corporations?

Yet another South American country struggling to find its feet in a world of crazy leftists. Congrats to Columbia, Chile, and Brazil. Hang tough. Respect for the family, and for traditional families will triumph. She has set the new election. As interim president she has no plans to run. Evo Morales' party will be running under his leadership. Term limits respected. Democracy restored.

current affairs in bolivia

This woman is an agent of the American cabal intelligence agency, and only a puppet, to be used to father its mission of destruction as they have done all over the world. The real reason that they had Evo gone is because he had taken back the mining operations for the private corporations, and banking institutions that for more than years have not cared for the indigenous populations and have treated them as dirt.

These people are the vestiges of the corrupted Spanish invaders, that have for centuries have plundered the lands that do not belong to them. The Spanish came to the Americas to take not to give, and they brought their European point of view to these lands with the Catholic Church as there surrogate to provide the justification in taking what was not to takeand with the false pretenses of bring the word of their version of the true god to these lands that, that had their own gods for thousands of years.

It has been documented as to how cruel, and destructive the church was, and its total disregard to life in any form that these Spanish invaders had towards the native populations. Does this mean she'll have more indigenous people slaughtered? They are the ones that elected the socialist president. Por favor Esta vez el MAS va a ganar la limpidas y transparentes elecciones gracias a ellos! Current Affairs. Gujarat Police conduct march to raise public awareness on coronavirus.

Haryana man ties knot with Mexican national amid coronavirus lockdown. Police stop 40 migrant workers leaving Telangana on foot, assure help during lockdown.

The Current Situation in Bolivia

Major U. Trump backtracks on 'authority' to reopen economy. Trump can give orders all he wants. When it comes to the he Barak Obama gives Biden a boost with endorsement. The usual Trump. Coronavirus scare in Noida, forces school to shut down.Former Bolivia President Evo Morales had to resign from the post of the president because of fierce protests against him.

Morales resigned on November 10 amid mounting pressure from the military and the public following allegations of manipulation of election results. Mexico government said that the asylum was granted on humanitarian grounds because the life of Evo Morales in Bolivia was threatened.

Evo Morales had to resign from the post of president due to fierce protests against him after the controversial presidential election. He left Bolivia on a Mexican Air Force plane. He said that Morales' bold move prevented the crisis in Bolivia. After his announcement, a huge uproar had started in the country.

Evo Morales was first elected in Also Read Fordow Nuclear Facility: Iran to start injecting uranium gas, another break from nuclear deal. Also Read India, Uzbekistan sign three agreements to enhance military ties. Study at Home. School Board. Current Affairs. Mock Tests. Bolivia Crisis: Former president Evo Morales granted asylum by Mexico Former Bolivia President Evo Morales had to resign from the post of the president because of fierce protests against him. Latest Admission Hindi Feedback Menu.

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Regions Americas South America Bolivia. The Morales presidency will stand as a lesson for governments in the region—both on the opportunities for lasting reform and on the pitfalls of autocratic governance. This site uses cookies to improve your user experience. Click here to learn more. Follow what the world's leading experts have to say about policy, finance, business, tech, and global health.

Delivered Friday. Sign in Subscribe. Subscribe Login Sign up. Foreign Policy. Courtesy Reuters. Bolivia After Morales The Morales presidency will stand as a lesson for governments in the region—both on the opportunities for lasting reform and on the pitfalls of autocratic governance. Santiago Anria and Kenneth M. Drag timeline edges to narrow the date range of the articles. Filters Region. No results found. Please try update your search. Nationalization and Its Discontents As global oil prices collapsed over the last two years, Latin American governments have started to lose their leverage in the energy industry.

To attract international Now he has trampled both, undermined his authority, and thrown his Bolivia: Test of Technical Assistance. Bolivia's Claustrophobia. Revolution in South America.Why in news? Who is Mr. What were the contentions during his term?

What are the concerns with power transition? Alert: Content is Protected. About Us How to prepare? April Join us on Telegram. Eligible and Interested candidates contact Mr. Chandra Sekar S chandrasekar. November 13, He rose to the top office through left-wing unionism. He presided over one of the most stable governments.

But, cracks began to appear in his Movement for Socialism party when he sought a fourth consecutive term earlier in On coming to power, Morales promised economic development and equitable wealth distribution. His government also stepped up public investments, opened more schools and health clinics. The economy has also seen a steady growth rate.

Morales made some major political mistakes as well. Inhis push to end presidential term limits through a referendum failed. He then said he accepted the verdict.Let us review the most uncontroversial facts of what happened in Bolivia. But byMorales had been in office for 12 years, and his popularity had ebbed. As Christine Mathias writes in Dissenteven some on the left, including former indigenous supporters, had begun to question his leadership:.

Morales ran for a fourth term this year. Previously, the new Bolivian constitution that Morales had introduced imposed term limits. There was a referendum on whether to scrap term limits inand Morales lost narrowly. A few bits of context are important, though.

First, the president actually has less direct control over the makeup of the Bolivian court than the United States president has over the composition of our Supreme Court.

And second, the ruling was not actually as crazy as it is being made to sound. The relevant section reads as follows:. Article Right to Participate in Government 1. Every citizen shall enjoy the following rights and opportunities: a.

The law may regulate the exercise of the rights and opportunities referred to in the preceding paragraph only on the basis of age, nationality, residence, language, education, civil and mental capacity, or sentencing by a competent court in criminal proceedings. As you can see, every citizen is guaranteed the right to be elected in periodic elections, and that right can be regulated only on the basis of a number of very particular grounds.

This is important, because now that Morales has been forced out of power by an illegitimate leader, every effort is being made to paint him as having been illegitimate himself. After all, if he was an autocrat who himself had no democratic mandate and disrespected institutions, it was less bad for his successors to seize power, even if they did so without being elected. So I think Morales was within his rights to run again, and since his term has not expired, and he was forced out by threats of violence, he should still be considered the president of Bolivia.

What of the election itself? American media has reported on the election as if it was self-evident that Morales stole it or committed election fraud. The central allegations here, however, do not appear to hold up. Read the analyses from Kevin Cashman in Jacobin and Mark Weisbrot in MarketWatchwho both provide careful explanations of how the Bolivian election actually worked, as opposed to vague innuendos.


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