A320 amm

The A is one aircraft in four sizes A, A, A and Arepresenting the most successful and versatile jetliner family ever. Seating from to passengers and flying throughout the world — and landing on every continent — an A takes off or lands every 1. From the heat of the desert to icy Antarctic runways, or from short runway urban environments to remote high-altitude airports, the A can take passengers anywhere. The A Family is the most successful aircraft family ever and it was born ambitious.

As the first civil aircraft to pioneer fly-by-wire technology, it has set the standard ever since its arrival and, thanks to significant annual investment of million euros, the A Family continues to innovate.

The A Family comes with a unique CLS option: it is the only single-aisle aircraft that is able to load pallets and containers on the lower deck. Together with its outward-opening cargo doors and large cargo compartment cross-section, this maximises the usable cargo volume.

The Aneos boast the very latest engines, large wingtip devices Sharklets and an innovative cabin — continuing to go from strength-to-strength as the most comfortable, fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly single-aisle aircraft. Airbus is extending the award-winning Airspace interior to the A Family.

A common cabin design language featuring the latest technology, Airspace offers elegantly-lit cabins, wider seats, large overhead storage bins capable of holding eight bags instead of five, iconic ceiling lighting, redesigned window bezels that provide passengers more window space with unobstructed views, new sidewall panels that provide an additional inch at shoulder level for extra personal space and a new spacious lavatory design.

Passengers aboard A Family aircraft will be able to enjoy the distinct Airspace ambience, comfort, services and design starting in A Family media gallery. The addition of AXLR jetliners will allow Vietjet to further expand its network, flying longer routes across Asia, as well as to destinations as far afield as Australia and Russia. A Family Unbeatable fuel efficiency.

Moving the World Innovative Family Airspace. A Family portfolio. Moving the World. This is an aircraft that you can rely on. This is the aircraft that changed the game. A Family video. An Innovative Family. See the Aneo Family advertisement.Great Post on Hydraulics. Thanks for your information. Nice blog.! I really loved reading through this article Thanks for sharing such an amazing post with us and keep blogging!

Hydrauliques Continental. Very informative and useful historical post. I see you have a lot of other cool stuff available at your website, simply bookmarking it to check in spare time. Thanks and keep the good work up. Pages Home About Contact. Normal system operating pressure is psi.

Hydraulic fluid cannot be transferred from one system to an another. It is mainly used on ground for maintenance operations and cargo door operations.

It transfers the hydraulic power but does not transfer the hydraulic fluid. They isolate the systems in case of an engine fire. The electric pump is an hydraulic system main pump. It starts running at first engine start up. Blue and yellow pumps are fully interchangeable. The Ram Air Turbine is deployed automatically or manually. It pressurizes the blue hyd.

Amm Aircraft Maintenance Manual A320

It can be retracted on ground only, following a specific maintenance procedure. Two deploy solenoids are available to extend the RAT. The RAT retraction is electrically controlled and hydraulically operated provided the blue hydraulic system is pressurized. On the RAT control panel there are 3 indicator lights: - a red light for retraction jack pressurization, - a green light for RAT stowed, - an amber light for RAT blades not aligned.

The reservoir filling is controlled from the green service panel, by manually operating the reservoir filling selector to direct the fluid from the external filling source to the reservoir of the serviced system.To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Raven Oppier. General A. The ignition system Fig. The purpose of the system is to produce an electrical spark to ignite the fuel and air mixture in the engine combustion chamber during the start cycle and to provide continuous ignition during takeoff, landing and operation in adverse weather conditions.

The left, right or the two spark igniters can be selected during the start cycle or for continuous ignition operation. The ignition system test consists of the operation of the engine ignition system and an operational check of: the spark igniters the start lever ignition limit switch the engine igniter selector switch the engine start switch. The test applies to each engines.

Make sure you do the test in the sequence provided in the procedure. Access 1 Location Zones No. NOTE: The position light for the shutoff valve for the engine fuel is bright when the valve is in operation. It is dim when the valve is closed and off when the valve is open.

General 1 This task includes an optional procedure to use an Ignition Tester for trou- ble-shooting of the ignition system. Ignition System - Optional Trouble-Shooting with the Tester NOTE: This procedure is done when there is a problem with the ignition system to find which part of the ignition system is unsatisfactory.

NOTE: Do not touch the end of the ignition lead with your hands or with a dirty cloth. Oil or grease can cause the ignition lead to operate incorrectly. NOTE: The sensors have different connections for the different types of cables connectors. Make sure you use the correct ssensor box. Related Papers. By Luis Eduardo Medrano. FAA 12 A. By chhotu nain. Download pdf. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link.

a320 amm

Need an account? Click here to sign up.How are you? I learn to AME in Korea. I think you learned it a lots. Where did you got it? Please let me know! Nice Blog. Aviation Doors by Nihva are designed for tough environment with extremely large openings. Nihva offers high quality full featured, most economic aircraft Hangar Doors in India.

Pages Home About Contact. Landing Gear System Presentation. The doors which are fitted to the landing gear struts are operated mechanically by the gear.

The nose gear main doors operate hydraulically.

A320 Amm Pdf

The fixed doors aft doors and leg doors are operated by the gear. Normal braking is powered by the green hydraulic system. Alternate braking, which includes the parking brake, is powered by the yellow hydraulic system. It is hydraulically operated by the green hydraulic system and electrically controlled by the BSCU. On the A, the nose landing gear is hydraulically operated by the yellow hydraulic system.

A downlock safety pin must be installed before maintenance operations. On the A, as the alternate braking becomes electrically controlled and thanks to the new EIS, more information is displayed on the nose wheel steering and braking systems. The anti-skid and nose wheel steering switch controls both functions. The switch is normally left in the ON position. The red arrow warns the flight crew that the landing gear is not locked down when the aircraft is in landing configuration.All rights reserved.

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A320 - ATA Code

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Royal Jordanian RJ151 JY-AYQ Airbus A320 232 AMM-AMS

Flag for inappropriate content. Download Now. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document. JUL Notices Maint. Jehad Badawi. Romel David Carrera Tapia. Gurpal Singh Chahal.

Maria Stamatopoulou. Dean Fariel. Marcos Braga.

a320 amm

Basel Osama Raafat. Sungdon Joo. Fais Isaac. Carlos Augusto. Kais Graidia. Renante Marcelo. Pablo Restrepo Ossa. Zbor Zbor. Popular in Transport. Purushothaman Janakiraman. Nikos Anta Tagalhs.There are no special requirements for import. See Section 5 of this report for a review of compliance of the basic type design with the operating Rules. Specifically the report aims to: a Specify the foreign type certificate and associated airworthiness design standard used for type acceptance of the model s in New Zealand; and b Identify any special conditions for import applicable to any model s covered by the Type Acceptance Certificate; and c Identify any additional requirements which must be complied with prior to the issue of a NZ Airworthiness Certificate or for any subsequent operations.

Basic 71, kg. Variant [Mod ] 73, kg. Variants [Mod ], [Mod ] 75, kg. Variants[Mod ], [Mod ] 77, kg. Five Equivalent Safety Findings were granted. These have all been reviewed and accepted by the CAA.

The certification basis of the A has been subsequently updated. This also resulted in deletion of three Special Conditions and Interpretive Materials. This results in the deletion of five JAR 25 Change 11 paragraphs and three harmonisation special conditions, plus seven JAR 25 paragraphs are upgraded to Change 13 and amended by two other special conditions. This is the basic standard for aircraft engines called up under Part 21 Appendix C. The engine meets the smoke and hydrocarbon emission requirements of FAR 34 and the carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide requirements of International Civil Aviation Organization Standards.

Type Acceptance Certificate The application for New Zealand type acceptance was from the manufacturer, dated 14 November Air New Zealand has ordered an initial fleet of fifteen A aircraft. The A is a narrow- body twin turbofan short to medium range large airliner approved for up to passengers.

Type Acceptance Certificate No. Specific applicability is limited to the coverage provided by the operating documentation supplied. There are no special requirements for import into New Zealand.

This resulted in a very complicated certification basis with multiple special conditions being agreed by the JAA and FAA, to take account of the novel design solutions.

a320 amm

The A is a shortened version for up to passengers, while the A has been stretched for up to There are two basic variants of the A, the Series and the Series


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