23mm f2 fuji

In has an internal focus mechanism, a 9-blade aperture, 2 aspherical elements and a "Super Electronic Beam Coating. It will initially be available in black, with a silver model to follow.

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23mm f2 fuji

User reviews. See all user reviews. Gear list. Product description. Announced Aug 25, Product timeline. The best lenses for Fujifilm X-mount mirrorless cameras.

Have your say: Best prime lens of Quick specs. Support DPReview.I am going to be very upfront and honest about this.

23mm f2 fuji

I am going to share with you why this lens is well worth considering. I have been fortunate enough to have owned or tried almost every Fujifilm X Series lens.

And there are some crackers in the line-up. Seriously amazing glass. It is my primary lens for my many travels to Japan, and my go-to street photography lens.

I have even used it to shoot more significant events such as weddings and engagement parties. All of these lenses have a similar design and compact size. All have snappy autofocusand they are all excellent value for money. More substantial and older lenses of similar focal distance are far more expensive and have slower autofocus.

It gives a wide enough field of view suitable for landscape photographers and captures enough background story for street photography.

23mm f2 fuji

It would be pretty rare for someone to say that a Fujifilm lens was of poor quality. They just make great, solid lenses for the Fujifilm X Series camera system. The all-metal body and mounting plate give the user the assurance that this lens can deal with rugged use. On the lens itself, there are no plastic parts at all. It is tiny to hold, while still providing a comfortable level of control.

Most Fujifilm lenses feature an aperture ring that sits close to the camera body when mounted. The manual focus ring sits comfortably toward the front of the lens and has a smooth and silent glide with just the right amount of resistance.

The lens cap uses a pinch-release system, but given its size can feel a little clumsy to attach it securely -especially if you have big fingers like mine. The hood is made of metal, but it is a genuinely odd little accessory.


It hardly stretches beyond the filter thread. There is, however, a better aftermarket lens hood available for this lens. This size and weight balance well, since most Fujifilm X Series camera bodies are more compact than a lot of brands, even in the mirrorless market.

Both hands on the camera while controlling the aperture and focus of the lens. In both low light and daylight, the autofocus is snappy and leaps from subject to subject without pause. It is especially evident when compared to some of the older Fujifilm lenses of a similar focal distance.

Given that the lens has an overall weight of gm 6. The motors are not working as hard as in larger lenses. This also has a benefit to battery longevity when out on a shoot.

23mm f2 fuji

I have shot with this camera are many indoor and outdoor night events and have only had positive outcomes. Many would agree that Fujifilm makes excellent quality and well-built lenses for the Fujifilm X Series cameras. Lenses that produce exceptional image quality. Personally, I have never really noticed an issue with image sharpness for the style of photography I shoot.Lens names seldom roll off the tongue.

Most sport an alphabet soup of millimeters and f-numbers, and while these tell us most of what we need to know about a lens, this valuable info is rarely evocative on its own. Skip the technical jargon and what do we have? When the first interchangeable lens Fuji X-Series cameras launched in earlythey were fairly revolutionary cameras. But since the launch of the X-Pro 2 last year, this has started to change. That all-rounder status is what really sets this lens apart from its brethren, which on paper seem to be plentiful and a bit too similar.

Things seem congested. The 27mm is the tiniest lens you may ever see. And it may just be the best of the three. Compact form noted, the lens does protrude from the face of the camera about three times as far as the XF27 without the hood and lens cap attached, making it impossible to pocket unless you wear JNCO pants or a ludicrously over-sized Gore-tex jacket.

With the included lens hood fitted, which eliminates the mild flare that this lens seems prone to, it naturally presents an even larger footprint.

Fuji 23mm f2 Street Photography Review – Great Little Lens!

In the hand, the XF23 feels solid. Really solid. The aperture ring is fully stopped at both extremes, and each detent feels solid. The focus ring is substantially thicker than on either of my other Fuji lenses, making it much easier to use. Whatever the change, the XF23 focuses more like a manual focus lens than its older counterparts. Focus happens in a much more linear way from minimum focus out to infinity than on other Fujis. Last but not least, the lens is weather resistant, making it a great match for the weather resistant Fuji X-T series bodies and the X-Pro 2.

Critically for a weather sealed lens, the focusing is all internal. Several first generation Fuji X-series lenses, including the XF 27, have external focusing, which invites dust and particulates into the body of the lens as it breathes.

Just ask Nikonos fans. A lot of this talk of build quality need barely be mentioned; virtually all of the XF lenses have been praised for their exceptionally robust build.

But while most of them feel fantastic, not all are great optical performers. Whether I was photographing shiny chrome, glossy painted metal, or even a piece of dark, shadowy hardware deep in an engine bay, the XF 23 worked perfectly. By some wizardry, this lens would even focus easily on a clear blue patch of sky, a trick that I have never been able to replicate with either of my other Fujis.

Call those first moments a fluke, and once we got past those, this lens proved to be an incredible performer.

Fuji 23mm f2 Street Photography Review – Great Little Lens!

With ten elements in six groups, and two aspherical elements, this is one of the most intricate primes in the range. The latest XF 23 is tack sharp, with good performance corner to corner. But generally speaking, image quality is superb.

Colors from the lens, combined with the always incredible Fuji sensors, are fantastic. Punchy, without being oversaturated or garish, images are simply beautiful. In fact, the lens really never seemed to cause anything but easy-going joy, and its versatility surprised me. In the three weeks I used it, I shot a car for sale for a friend, an air show, live motor racing and more, and I never felt compelled to swap it out.

Packaging the lens back up, I was actually sad to see it go. I really enjoyed this lens, and rather wanted to keep it.

Not enough to consider moving to Tangier and changing my name just to avoid shipping it back, but certainly enough to consider buying a copy for myself. The problem is that I already own the XF To evaluate the real-life performance of the Fujinon XF 23mm f2 lens, I shot this exterior scene at every aperture setting using a Fujifilm X-Pro2 mounted on a tripod.

I also believe many potential buyers of either lens will be wondering how they measure-up against the XF mm f4 zoom, so I repeated my tests once more for this lens, set to 23mm. Note that while the two XF 23mm lenses may share the same focal length on paper, they actually deliver fractionally different fields of view with the newer f2 version being a tad wider; as such since I cropped the same area of the actual frames below, the two lenses show different sections of the scene.

As for the mm zoom, I decided to match its field of view to the newer XF 23mm f2 where revealingly its EXIF data reported a focal length of 22mm, so the newer prime really is a little wider than it reports. The older XF 23mm f1. At f2 the newer XF 23mm f2 joins-in with a result that again is pretty respectable in the far corner, only a tad soft with minor vignetting. Meanwhile the older XF 23mm f1. At f2. At this point with the aperture on all three lenses set to f4, the older XF 23mm f1.

At f5. Sadly a focusing error has prevented me from including my mm comparative sample at f5. The three lenses roughly maintain a decent level of quality across the frame between f8 and f11, although the effect of diffraction begins to soften the results beyond this point. Once again the optimal aperture for all three lenses is around f5. Scroll down and you can see a comparison taken from the centre which confirms the story: the XF 23mm f1.

Fujifilm XF 23mm f1. All at f4. All at f8. All at f Alternatively get yourself a copy of my In Camera book or treat me to a coffee!

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Buy Gordon a coffee! Rent gear from Borrow Lenses.You get it. As in a really long time. But prior to this, it was always the X series. Small, silent, OVF. That 23! But it is simply too big for me when I do street photography. But now they finally did it. I got my sample 4 days ago! This lens deserves SO much more from me. And I will give it more. I will live and breathe this lens. How big is it? What kind of bokeh does it produce? Is it sharp? You know. Basic stuff that is kind of neat to know before handing over your hard earned money to Fujifilm.

Aperture clicks and focus ring feels exactly the same. Nice firm clicks. Nice and smooth to the turn. The build is every bit as good as alle the other XF lenses. Metal and glass. The added length has resulted in a wider focus ring which is really great. It certainly looks its part!

They both share the 43mm filterthread, and as an added bonus, they can both use the accessory metal lens hood LH-XF Fujifilm has announced a new silver version of that lens hood to match the silver lenses.

I will let my quick comparison shot speak for itself. But the autofocus speed of this lens is fast. But not as in fast. Those numbers tell me nothing. Skaters, street action, my kids. It just locks on faster than any lens to date in the XF system. This is evident on both the X-T2 my pre-production unit, mind you and the X-Pro2.

A little disclaimer here.The new Fuji 23mm f2 is a fast and compact prime lens with a 35mm full frame equivalent field of view and blazing fast auto focus performance. Is this the ultimate lens for Fuji X street photographers? Hit the jump for my Fuji 23mm f2 street photography review!

Fuji 23mm f2 Video Review Fuji X […]. Fuji X street photographers have been waiting for a great all around street photography lens since the X-Pro1 was released way back in And the wait is over! I spent a few weeks shooting with the brand new Fuji 23mm f2 lens and it was a pleasure to use from start to finish. The Fuji 23mm f2 features an all metal construction that is light weight and solid feeling in hand. It just feels well made. With the lens hood attached you can see the lens in the bottom corner of the OVF but it just barely touches the corner of the 23mm frameline.

Finally, the lens is available in both silver and black finishes even though the X-Pro2 and X-T2 are only available in black. Fuji cameras use APS-C size sensors with a 1. To get a 35mm field of view essentially the width and height of the frame you need to use a 23mm lens. Up until now the only option was the excellent Fuji 23mm f1. Score one for the good guys! Generally speaking most autofocus systems are good enough at this point.

I tested the lens on an X-Pro2 using the latest firmware and focus was snappy and reliable in all lighting conditions. No hunting, no weirdness. Just instant focus in whatever direction I pointed the camera. The result is a fast and nearly silent autofocusing system that can lock focus in as little as.

I typically use my cameras in manual focus mode and keep my lenses set at their hyperfocal distance. The Fuji 23mm f2 lens uses a modern lens design wtih 10 elements in 6 groups including 2 aspherical elements for edge to edge sharpness.

The aspherical elements are also part of the focusing group to minimize performance fluctuations between different focusing distances. But the lens produces images with a clarity and crispness that is refreshingly sharp without appearing clinical.

The color rendition local contrast produce images with an almost 3D quality. I could go on about the image quality of this lens — but have a look at the sample images on this page and decide for yourself!

A few people have reported that this lens is soft when shooting wide open at close focus distances 2 feet or less.Fujifilm is helping make the world a better, healthier, and more interesting place. It has a similar size and design flair of the existing XF35mmF2, to make up a stylish collection of compact F2 lenses.

Fujifilm XF 23mm F2 R WR Overview

The metal exterior gives a sense of premium quality and robustness, and the aperture ring and focus ring have been designed for optimum operability. NO soy profesional de la salud SI soy profesional de la salud. Forward Looking Stories Fujifilm innovation has always driven the company forward. Technologies A technology company, Fujifilm is engaged in a wide variety of endeavors. Achievements The history of Fujifilm is a history of valuable innovation.

Fuji 23mm f2 Lens Review

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